Friday, December 14, 2012

The Sanctity of Marriage for All

This post is in response to Kelley Jura-Myrick's blog "Repealing DOMA".

I agree completely with her complete blog.  This is such a controversial argument in every state.  When did the world become such hypocrites in regards to who you can love and not love.  Everyone deserves happiness, peace and love in thier life.  Why does it have to be just between a man and woman.

God made us as we are. We are born into the person we are going to become, whether it be Gay/Lesbian or Heterosexual. I do not believe that he made us to be anything other than what we are. 

As we grow up we are influenced by so many things, that sometimes people do lose thier way and become people that we are not proud to be.

If we embrace these people as who they really are, maybe we would have less gay/lesbian bashing. Maybe we wouldn't have so many hate crimes against a peer group that just wants to live thier life just like we do.

I have many gay/lesbian friends, and have had them for years. They do not push their lifestyle on me and I don't push mine on them.  I have attended many marriages of these friends.  The sad part of that is that we have to travel to a different state just so that it could happen. The weddings were filled with just as much love and happiness as my own wedding.

It is a shame that congress wants to intercede into these lives, and dictate to them how to live their live. 
Congress needs to grant the gay/lesbian society the same rights as the rest of us.  They need the same benefits as the rest of us.  The sad part is they don't get them.  It should be equality for all across the board. It shouldn't matter that it is for two men or two women. Inmates on death row get better benefits and can marry and have children as long as the person is from the opposite sex.  And they shouldn't have any rights at all.

It is a shame the discrimination that I see my friends receive at the price of just being an individual and not like everyone else.  I love my gay/lesbian friends just as much as all my straight friends.  Truth be told, they are the ones that stand behind me without any "what's in it for me" attitudes.  I can always count on them in good times and bad.  I wouldn't give them up for anything.  And if I still have to travel to another state, or country, to watch them share in their love by getting married, I will do it and I will do it proudly.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?????

I can't even believe this has happened.  What is wrong with our country?  When you kill and harm innocent people, what makes you think you deserve to have any rights at all. 

I am so pro death penalty, especially for such heinous crimes such as the Ft. Hood killings. I have been following this case since the day it happened. I had a close friend whose family member that was killed by this crazy madman.

Now the judge has been removed for supposedly showing bias towards this man.  In this article from the Houston Chronicle, makes me just want to scream.

This killer has got to have some kind of attorney.  He filed an appeal that his treatment by this judge showed impartiality. Just because he should be clean cut and shaved when appearing in court.  Give me a break.
If I have to go to court for anything, even a traffic ticket, I have to be clean, showered if possible, and look like a respectable member of society.  I am even told what not to wear when I go to face the Judge.

Why should a mass murdered such as Maj. Nidal Hasan be allowed to look like he hasn't bathed in forever, when he is presented in court.  I don't care if his religion says he shouldn't shave.  He had no problem shaving and serving in our Armed Forces prior to the killings.  Why should he get this religious privilege now.

He is just trying to prolong his sentencing.  This judge is trying to make this man abide by the right rules.  Why is it that when the Judge tries to enforce the rulings, and even the Army appeals court agrees with this ruling can it not be deemed as so.  Lets keep taking it higher till someone sees it his way. 

This is the reason why we have hundreds of men and women on death row, waiting their punishment. Because they will keep trying to find someone somewhere that sees their punishment or pending punishment as harsh, cruel and biased by the courts.

If you did the crime, take the punishment that comes with it.  You made this decision to pick up this gun and kill and harm these innocent people. So I have no sympathy for you and religion.  You live in this country, abide by the rules or pay the price for doing wrong.

Abortion: Still a Womans Right to Choose

The contraversy on Abortion has been around for ever and ever.  I have commented on this before, but I am choosing to do my editorial on the post by Abortion: A Hot Topic

This is a topic I like to not have with others. I take the chance that the conversation will turn to the ugly side. You never know what others may think and to try and get others to see your point or for them to argue their side is difficult. 

Every woman should have the right to make this decision for themselves, which is what she chose to do.  I don't condemn her or applaud her for her decision.  The fact is, it was her decision. It was what was best for her at that time. 

There are many reasons to have an abortion.  I was a young unwed girl when I found out I was pregnant.  The thought of having an abortion was crazy to me.  I couldn't have imagined giving up the life I was carrying at that time.  Would I do it differently knowing what I know now?  Possibly. My son is the highlight of my life even 23 years later.  But my son is not the product of a serious crime.  But then you have to stop and think about the quality of life that the child is going to have when your pregnant by any way.

This cant be about religion or political views.  This decision needs to be about the woman, the situation and the child.  No one person can say what is best for any other person.  You ask me what I think and I would tell you what I would possibly do.  But again I am not the person facing the decision that needs to be made. 

I want the right to choose for myself, and the government should not play a role in that decision. Doctors that help you make the choice should not be deemed as baby killers or murderers.  They are only there to help not to hurt.

So before you judge others for their decisions on this, stop and think about what you would really do if you were put into their shoes.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why a Second Term?

This election was hard fought for and even harder to win.  But I can't say one way or the other if the best candidate won.  I live in Texas, yes I did vote for the very first time, and no I won't tell you for who.  I know I wasn't surprised by how our state voted. But onto something that I was impressed by.

I saw an editorial in the Austin American Statesman on November 7th called " A second term, a second chance. I really liked this post. 

To me is seemed that this post was directed to all voters, that maybe for once our voice might just be heard. This editorial seemed to say that both sides gave it all they had. Only one can win. But maybe to two can work together to find a common ground and make this country better, or at least try to.   Both parties gained and lost.  Republicans could have really made up some ground and gained control of the Senate and House, but because we make stupid comments, it cost us dearly.  Of course this comes to the issue of rape, birth control and abortion.  We need to learn how to control our mouths on both sides of the political party.

This article tells us this. That because we voiced our opinions, and the votes cast clearly showed what we wanted to see happen in the future, it is time for the next 4 years to step up and fix this nation.

Obama clearly has a long road to haul, but even Romney would have the same problem if he would have been elected.  This is no easy process. You have opposition in every move you make and it comes from both sides of political sides.  The president will never have 100% cooperation from the Senate or the House. If that were the case, I don't think there would be the issues in our nation that we face today.

Now that this election is over, lets get to work on fixing our problems, solving the debt, get our troops home, create jobs, reform the tax code and make this country a country to be proud of. 

Birth Control or Abortion, Still a Woman's Choice.

With the past election, it really brought out both sides to the right of women to choose birth control or the right to have an abortion.  I am a woman. I want the right to choose what is best for me and not for the government.  I am not insane, declared mentally disabled or crazy, but the government feels that I am and can't make a conscious, rational decision when it comes to my body and my reproduction choices.

My mother, and her employee have both gone thru menopause. They have no need for birth control, or heaven forbid an abortion, but because of the new law passed by our wonderful old and new president, they have to have it.  My mother has to provide this for her female employee and she has to get it.  I couldn't imagine myself, much less my mother having any more children.

Why is our president so concerned about this?  Does he not see the healthcare issues that are really at risk? My parents both are on Medicare, which is a joke.  Both have to have supplemental private insurance as Medicare pays for next to nothing.  What about all the people out their that need medication that can't afford it, to stay alive. The patients that have heart issues, diabetes, Parkinson's, Altzheimer's, or the one that hits close to home Cancer.  My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in September.  The first place we called was the famous Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  But because she has Medicare, they would not accept her, as she was told the government was not paying for Medicare claims at this time.  So my mom has to look elsewhere for treatment. That is like saying "Sorry, we can't help you because we wont get paid". This is someone's life your talking about, but money talks, sickness walks.

Because of this, I am shocked that we are so concerned about birth control for women of all ages in this country.  This is the one thing that will always be a big topic in every election from the local districts all the way to the presidency.  The only person that should be concerned with this is the woman making that choice.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rick Perry and College Tuition

The one time I decide to actually read on October 3rd, The Austin American Statesman they actually have an editorial about Governor Rick Perry and his tuition proposals for college students ( .  I enjoyed reading this.  I am glad he is out campaigning for this with the new legislature coming up in January. I am a current student, and the cost of going to school is crazy.  I am trying to get a Bachelor's degree and it is going to cost me over $30,000.  His grand idea of and Bachelor's degree for less than $10,000 is wonderful.  This is all coming from the Editorial Board at the Statesman. I want nothing more to believe that Governor Rick Perry is wanting all Texans to have to the chance to get a college degree at a reasonable cost. Sometimes I think this editorial board was leaning on the side of unbelievable.  But then again, with the current Governor and the current legislature these plans are likely not to happen as stated in this article.  The interesting fact is that UT of Austin graduates more students than other public universities.  Lets tie together state funding and government funding to help students with college tuition. Lets quit relying on our families to have to pay for us to have a better education.  Low income or no income families are just out of luck if that is the case.  Or we take out so many loans and grants, that when and if we do ever graduate we are so far in debt that even a good job can't help with. If we knew ahead of time what it would cost for a 4,5,6 or longer years in college that may change the mindset of some of the students that just do this for the fun of it or because they are told to by their parents.  What of the older generation, that due to the current economic situation have lost their jobs and have chosen to go back to school to get a higher education to get a job, any job. But at what cost.  What these proposals are offering are at least some kind of relief for us students and the families that stand behind them.  This coming legislature should look more closely into these to see if there is any foundation that can be improved upon and then implemented.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why it Matters To Me

On Tuesday, September 11, 2012, The Houston Chronicle published an article regarding our economy and where it might be heading. I am originally from Houston so this paper still remains one that I read on a fairly frequent basis.  I never really have been much into politics till the recession hit us.  I felt it when my pay took a hit, but thank goodness I didn't lose my job.

This article "Why It Matters" seem to jump out at me, saying "read me".  With the upcoming election this is a highly debated subject.  Of course both candidates want to to get our economy back on track, they just have different views on how it should happen.

President Obama's view to create these jobs:  keep taxes low for everyone except of course the wealthy. By spending money on public works and tax breaks for businesses.

Presidential hopeful Romney's view to create jobs: keep taxes low for everyone, including the wealthy, cutting corporations taxes, and encouraging production of oil and natural gas.

Both have good and bad points.  I like both, but also don't like both.

Because this recession to me has not ended, with still about 40% of americans out of work, it is going to be a long road to haul.  This recession even if didn't hit you in your life, you know people that it has.  I have been lucky enough that it didn't hit my family, my close friends or myself.  But I see it everyday in the faces of those that just walk the streets. The people that are standing on the street corners asking for help because they have lost everything cause me to stop and rethink about my views on politics.

These two parties want a positive up swing in job growth with less taxes. I personally like the lower taxes idea.  I am considered part of the lower income middle class.  Does that bother me?  Yes it does.  But until this election is over, that is not likely to change.  It still may not even after the election.

But as I read this article I thought it gave a little more insight in what shape this economy is in and possibly where it might be going.  I am trying hard to follow these candidates but somehow keep getting lost in all the finger pointing instead of the problem solving.